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  • Senast uppdaterad: 2020-12-09
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  • Kompatibilitet: Kräver Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 och Windows 10
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 RocketRoute FlightPlan på PC   RocketRoute FlightPlan på PC   RocketRoute FlightPlan på PC   RocketRoute FlightPlan på PC   RocketRoute FlightPlan på PC  

Hur man Hämta och installera RocketRoute FlightPlan på din Windows-dator

För tillfället, RocketRoute FlightPlan är inte tillgänglig för data överför på computern. Du kan dock använda emulatorer för att köra Android-program på datorn. Vi hjälper dig att ladda ner och installera RocketRoute FlightPlan på din dator i 4 enkla steg nedan:

Steg 1: Hämta en Android App emulator

Till att börja med kan du välja mellan någon av programmen nedan:
i. Nox-app .
ii. Bluestacks .
Jag rekommenderar Bluestacks.
Minimikrav: En aktiv internetanslutning krävs under hela installationsprocessen. Obs! Windows XP Service Pack 3 eller Higher OS (Vista, Win 7,8) krävs. Om du för närvarande kör Windows Service Pack 2, hämta / installera Windows XP Service Pack 3 Free genom att söka på nätet.;

Steg 2: Installera nu Software Emulator på din Windows-dator

Gå till mappen Downloads på din dator eller var som helst du lagrar nedladdade filer.
Hittat, klicka på det. Installationsprocessen börjar.
Acceptera licensavtalet för EULA och följ instruktionerna på skärmen.
Om du gör det ovanstående korrekt installeras programvaran.

Steg 3: Hur man använder RocketRoute FlightPlan på pc

Öppna programmet Emulator och skriv RocketRoute FlightPlan i sökfältet. Klicka nu på Sök. Du kommer enkelt att se din önskade app. Klicka på det. Klicka på Install-knappen och din applikation börjar Installera. Gör så här om du vill använda appen:
Du kommer att se ikonen "Alla Apps".
Klicka för att gå till en sida som innehåller alla dina installerade applikationer.
Du kommer att se app ikon. Klicka för att börja använda dina appar. Du kan börja använda RocketRoute FlightPlan För PC nu!

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RocketRoute FlightPlan Beskrivning

RocketRoute combines Worldwide Flight Planning and In-Flight Navigation in one amazing iPad and iPhone app. Beautifully designed for pilots by pilots, with concise information, intuitive design, and powerful features. Ideal for pilots and operators flying; jets, turbo props or piston aircraft. RocketRoute is a worldwide leader in advanced flight planning and navigation apps for professional pilots. The service has more than 100,000 users flying 24 x 7. For example Canada, Europe, Peru, Brazil, S. Africa, China and the Middle East. Service has processed more that1 million flights for users. This is our fourth generation app. It is packed with features and can be used on its own or in conjunction with RocketRoute Membership. This app represents over 5 years of development and integrates everything that RocketRoute has learned from helping thousands of pilots fly worldwide. FLIGHT PLANNING FEATURES - Worldwide Enroute Upper / Lower Chart. - Create and display routes: IFR, Yankee, Zulu, VFR. - Search for Waypoints, Navaids, Airports, Airways, Cities. - Prepare ICAO Flight Plans. - Validate routes for flying in Europe via Eurocontrol. - File Flight Plans Worldwide. - Perform Mass & Balance Calculations. - Generate Flight Log. - Generate Flight Briefings what include METAR/TAF, NOTAM, ICAO Flight Plan reports. - Add and modify aircraft. - Nav Data is updated monthly for the AIRAC cycle. - Airline data everyday update (waypoints, airports, airways etc) MOVING MAP NAVIGATION FEATURES - Powerful globe view with Zoom control. - Display current Lat/Lon Coordinates. - Display Track. - Display Speed. - Display current position and direction of flight. - Display Enroute Upper / Lower Chart with Flight Details. - Display waypoints, airways, airports. - Display terrain elevation. - Select and display Planned Routes. FLIGHT MANAGEMENT FEATURES - Delay Flight Plans. - Bring Forward Flight Plans. - Copy Flight Plans. - Check Status (RQP) - Add SLOT details. - Last Minute Changes: Fuel, PAX Loading. - Display current METAR. - Display current NOTAM. AIRPORT PLATE FEATURES - Search more than 65,000 documents and airport plates. - Huge library of countries to browse and view. (requires paid for RocketRoute Membership) - Crystal clear PDFs. - Editing PDFs. - Intelligent document naming. - Documents organised by handy folders: APPROACH, SID, STAR, TAXI and AIP. - Airport search online and offline. - Search by Airport Name or ICAO. - Lock view for Approach. GENERAL FEATURES - Brightness control. - Scroll lock. - Landscape or portrait view. COUNTRY COVERAGE - Worldwide Upper and Lower Navigation Data included for the trial period. InApp purchase available for 12 month license. - App includes 14 day trial of Pro RocketRoute members which includes Airport Plates access. AIRPORT PLATES RocketRoute provides many countries bundled with Membership (marked CAA) Branded Plates are an additional inApp purchase. USA - FAA IFR Europe - EAD IFR Caribbean - CAA IFR+VFR Brazil - CAA IFR+VFR South Africa - CAA IFR Central Africa - CAA IFR+VFR Tunisia - CAA IFR Algeria - CAA IFR+VFR Sudan - CAA IFR Morocco - CAA IFR+VFR UAE - CAA IFR Iran - CAA IFR Israel - CAA IFR Egypt CAA IFR Malaysia CAA IFR Thailand CAA IFR Indonesia CAA IFR India CAA IFR Germany - DFS VFR UK - Pooleys VFR Ireland - Pooleys VFR Swiss - SkyGuide VFR Austria - Rogers VFR Italy - Avio Portolano VFR Czech + Slovakia - Avion VFR Hungary - Manual VFR NOTES - Requires iPad with GPS Connection or paired with 3rd party GPS Device. - Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. - Flight Planning and Route Planning requires Internet connection. - Once sync’d App can be used for Offline use. - Some VFR Airport Documents require an extra RocketRoute subscription. - Flight Plans can only be filed by authorized pilots/dispatchers and ARE NOT to be used for any non-aviation purposes.


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